Engaged after 2 months: what could possibly go wrong with celebrity romances?

Two months. One month. That seems to be the acceptable time period to get engaged nowadays — at least in the celebrity world.

Earlier this year on my syndicated radio shows we talked about relationships and how soon is too soon to move in with someone. There was a large cross-section of times given by listeners but I can assure you none was shorter than two months. And that’s just for living together!

In the case of celebs, that’s enough time to get down to the nitty gritty and pop the question.

Justin Bieber is the latest guy to get down on one knee. The news came about that he proposed to Hailey Baldwin in the Bahamas last weekend. The two have been very cuddly in the past month so that meant it was time to take things to the next level. They are now engaged.

SNL star Pete Davidson was reportedly together with singer Ariana Grande for two months before he asked for her hand. In that time he also got two tattoos of/for his girl. Since the engagement was announced they have been playing house in New York City.

It can be argued that all of these people knew each other in the celebrity world before hooking up. In a sense, they might not be total strangers to each other. OK, fine, I’ll lightly agree with that. But to know it’s love and that this is forever, is one or two months really enough time?

Maybe this is a sign of how younger generations are viewing relationships. They’re as disposable as a pair of socks. Or a cellphone. Or a trendy app. You stick with it until you’re tired of it or a better one comes along.

Yes, there has always been divorce. Relationships don’t always work out. But back in the day there was less opportunity to get the wandering eye or end things. I hate to say it but people stayed together because they felt they had to. Oftentimes they were forced to work out their differences and learn to love each other. Quitting wasn’t as simple, in many cases.

Previously it wasn’t a matter of picking up your phone and swiping on someone to start a new connection. There were fewer ways to communicate so people had to physically be together or speak to one another to grow a relationship.

In the technology age — and reality TV dating show age — we see that people go into a relationship with an attitude like they are trying on a new pair of shoes. See if it’s comfy for a few moments and then worry about breaking it in over time. “I’ll pop the question, say it’ll be forever and then figure out if we’re a good fit later.”

As optimistic as I’d like to be about the Bieber and Grande engagements, I hope that they do lead to a wedding. And you know, only one wedding in their lifetime. The skeptic in me thinks they don’t even make it to the altar. If they do, however, I predict it lasting maybe one year before it crumbles and they each find new relationships months later. Mark my words on this July 9, 2018.

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