Bachelorette fans really lost their s#!t over presidential address?

It’s a sad state of affairs when… well, really, I could just end the sentence there when it comes to commenting about the United States. But earlier in the week when President Trump announced his nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States viewers of The Bachelorette on ABC were pissed.

People tweeted to no end that they were pissed off because Trump took 21 minutes of airtime on Monday night. How dare he? Seriously, that’s what people were tweeting.

I understand that a presidential address might not be the most exciting thing to watch but typically news coverage breaking into regular programming is significant — meaning it affects a significant amount of the population so it is important.

If I were American (which I’m not) I would actually take note and think, “Hey, the president is coming on TV with something. This is probably important.”

Now, knowing what I know about the president and his idea of showmanship (because I reported on Celebrity Apprentice for several seasons and covered the red carpets in New York City) there is a slight chance he could be just looking to build an audience and hype up his moment on primetime TV. I understand the argument and agree it’s a likely possibility.

But the significance of what Trump was announcing and the impact it could have on women and the gay community and minorities and countless other members of society, I would think Americans might be interested in how their futures could be affected and not angry that their trash TV is put on hold. After all, ABC did run The Bachelorette in its entirety after the presidential address.

Maybe some people were being sarcastic in their outraged tweets and just adding levity to what is the ridiculousness of The Bachelorette. But people really laid into the president with insults and profanity. Then again, that’s also the political climate we’re in — er, excuse me, that Americans are in. Canadians still have a bit of civility with how and when we complain.

Think about the impacts of what a presidential message is and how long-lasting the effects would be compared to how short a time the temporary reality TV “romance” will last. Then again, if people care more about drama on TV it certainly does speak to the low level society is coasting at every day.

I’d say 21 minutes of your time isn’t too much to hear about how your life might be forever changed.

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