Trump’s friends in low, low places

Despite objections from all over the world, President Trump has done it again. He met with a violent world leader and is focused on becoming besties with him.

Of course I’m talking about Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who maybe did or maybe didn’t interfere (depending on who you ask) in the 2016 election that named Trump president.‎ And last month Trump again was overseas, that time getting palsy with Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

So why is he doing it? Does he feel that he (and by that I mean the United States) has such a great relationship with other countries that he can let those coast along and focus on making new friends? Or is it all selfish and making people think he can do the impossible?

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a mind reader and I won’t even pretend to know what goes on in the head of a madman. But I can try to connect the dots in my own somewhat logical way.

Trump is known for doing the exact opposite of what people want him to. That could be the first channel of thought. Secondly, he also prides himself on doing the unthinkable.

Think about healthcare, think about immigration, think about world peace — they’re all things no previous president could figure out.‎ So, rather than coast along and improve on what’s working or needs a minor tweak, Trump has gone big to show he does have the power.

And how’s that working for him?

Well, it’s not (depending on who you ask). While Trump has long claimed victory on issues that haven’t been fully resolved he does take credit for the half strides he’s made, though passed them off as complete. In the process, Trump has pissed off his own citizens and world leaders from around the globe.

It’s true that countries have long-standing relationships with each other but those can’t be counted on if the person leading the relationship is acting like and treating you like a douche.

It’s one thing to come into a job and attempt to be everybody’s friend in the workplace, and it’s another to get there and hear that so-and-so is a tough nut to crack and instantly set your sights on cracking them. You can’t ignore the majority just to be in with the minority.

True, working with everyone to be one unified team is the best plan of attack but pay attention to what the “good guys” are doing and join forces with them to ‎have the numbers on your side. Going it alone only gets you marked as being one of the nuts.

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