Scary, Ginger Spice give new meaning to ‘zigazig ahhhhhhh’

When a Spice Girl admitted there was a secret hookup in the group back in the day, people went nuts. It’s true. Maybe it says something about society that two women getting together sexually is deliciously scandalous. But when you look at the dynamic of the group, is it really that surprising?

Melanie Brown (Mel B./Scary Spice) revealed in an interview with Piers Morgan that she and bandmate Geri Halliwell had sex. That revelation has apparently created extra drama amongst the gals who are preparing to reunite and go on tour.

Let’s rewind. As the group rose to fame with its cheeky and playful personalities back in the ’90s, they were constantly grabbing each other’s butts, fondling each other (as pictured in this post) kissing each other and using sexual innuendo. At the time, I was a teen so I never saw it that way but now as an adult I can look at it and say, “OK, and?”

Maybe I’m a little more open-minded than the people who still think the Spice Girls was a group of squeaky-clean gals. Remember, as they got older they had to evolve and become more provocative. Most music artists do it. Look at people like Britney Spears and Justin Bieber who can only carry the youthful innocence for so long. Pretty soon you have to develop a risqué edge to go along with your age. Your persona has to change with time.

Now that the gals are in their mid 40s and each has gone through scandals in their life (notably Mel B.’s divorce that had accusations of cheating, porn, threesomes, substance abuse and more) is the fact that two of them messed around really a big deal? Really? In the grand scheme of things… really?

After Brown’s revelation, Morgan confirmed there was a phone call between the two gals and rumour has it that Halliwell is pissed that Brown blabbed the so-called secret. Halliwell, at this point, hasn’t commented publicly.

It’s said that both women have moved on with their lives — Halliwell, now Geri Horner, a married mother of two — so there was no reason to rehash the past. Again, at the end of the day is this really a life-changing or career-ending admission? Or is it something you can just say, “Meh, we were young. Whatever”?

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