We are often better off than them

Us regular people often think of celebrities as being elite and better than us, but let’s take a moment to see how they are just like us, if not worse. If you were having a crummy day before, perhaps this column will make you feel better.

Fact: celebrities earn millions of dollars and have lavish things. Fact: celebrities go money crazy and blow it on materialistic things. Fact: celebs are so enthralled by their money they forget the taxman and mortgage company needs their share.

Fact: their relationships are high-profile and partners are incredibly attractive. Fact: their relationships tend to be based on status and money and fail rather quickly.

Fact: celebrities have awesome jobs and get paid to be famous. Fact: they can be fired quicker than it took for them to get the job and almost every celebrity has been dropped by either a TV network, record label or manager.

Fact: celebrities love attention and want to be seen anywhere and everywhere. Fact: just because a celebrity has a change of heart doesn’t mean they get that privacy back – in fact, they never do.

Fact: celebrities gain access to many wild things including illegal drugs and substances. Fact: they are not immune to laws and get jail time just like any other criminal, and overdoses kill them just like any other human being.

Fact: celebrities feel they are perfect and the hottest stuff on Earth. Fact: have you seen them without makeup and Photoshop? That flawless skin, figure and perfect teeth are almost never natural. Don’t believe me? Let’s go find some old yearbooks.

Fact: celebrities are invited to events and schmooze and mingle and smile while getting paid to do so. Fact: they usually find it a hassle to get ready and their face hurts from the fake smiling by the end of the night.

What’s the moral here? If this isn’t enough to make your seemingly boring life a little more smile-worthy, just know that sometimes life is better as a civilian and not one of Hollywood’s elite.

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