Greedy Canada Post workers are hurting their own business

As the Canada Post strike heads into its second month and consumers head into the busy shopping season, everyone is having to adapt to limited mail delivery ahead of the holidays. But here’s the deal: We’re being trained to function without Canada Post and things are fine.

Yes, there are certain groups affected by the outage — seniors, small businesses, government, etc. — but for the most part, the strike has gone unnoticed by most Canadians. Over the past month, I haven’t heard many complaints from people about the strike. In fact, I’ve had a couple of people say, “Oh, is it still happening?” Three people didn’t even know there was an ongoing strike.

The good thing is there are alternatives to Canada Post. Whether or not they are convenient or as cost-effective is up to the individual user.

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At first the walkout was seen as a minor inconvenience because it started before the holiday shopping season. People weren’t thinking ahead to Christmas. Now the pressure is on because people will be looking to ship parcels all over the world for festive celebrations. But again, there are alternatives to Canada Post so this will benefit the competition, essentially deeming the national mail carrier unnecessary for shipping.

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It’s all fine and dandy that employees and their union want to hold Canadian mail hostage for the benefit of their jobs, but Canada Post already has a bad reputation for expensive unreliable service. Now, a month-long break is giving people a chance to see how the grass is greener with other service providers.

For as long as the dispute drags out, it’s the employees and union that are hurting the company more. They can’t expect people to think, “Oh, joy! Canada Post is back. Let me ship a dozen packages with them now.” Especially with talk of hundreds of trailers of deliveries standing still, there’s no consumer confidence that what’s held up will be delivered any time soon.

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While a resolution before the holidays would be wonderful, is it too little too late? At this point, people have sought other options for shipping. Canada Post has no control of its operations since greedy employees dictate how things will run. They clearly don’t care about public service because they’re not poorly taken care of and they just want more, more, more.

So I say, keep striking, keep driving people to other companies and keep destroying the company you are taking advantage of. I hate to say this, but do I suddenly feel bad for Canada Post? Ah, gimme a moment on that one. There’s a Fed Ex delivery arriving at my door.

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