Another year… groaner

I turned another year older this week. Mid 30s. Yup. It’s officially the beginning of the end.

And I don’t even mean the over-the-hill jokes I’ve heard since turning 30 – half a decade ago. I’m talking about how my body is responding to it.

The saying is, “You’re only as old as you feel.” Maybe it’s a coincidence but I’ve had memory lapses and aches and pains that I’ve never experienced before. But in my own little way I am justifying each of the inconveniences I’ve been hit with already this month.

A few times I have been asked how old I am. I have answered with the number 35. I’m actually 36. But I equate this to people writing the wrong year shortly after Jan. 1. You’ve spent the past 360-some days saying one number so it’s easy to forget that with the tick of a clock it’s a different time.

Whew. I convinced myself of that. I’m not having memory problems. It was just an oversight. A brief oversight that isn’t anything long term.

As for the aches and pains: I’m blaming the heat. I was sleeping on the couch for a couple of days because the air conditioning is better in the living room than upstairs in my bedroom. My body was contorted and twisted in a way trying to accommodate two large dogs on the couch as the three of us slept.

There we go. The stiff neck and sharp pain in the back is from sleeping in a way I am not used to. Yeah, that works. OK. I’ve got that one covered. Leaped over another hurdle. Well, slowly and carefully lifted one leg over it and then gently placed it down.

Rather than give in and say, “Yeah, I’m old” I decided to post a picture of myself from a radio promo shoot 12 years ago. The best part: nobody could tell the image was over a decade old. As long as I still have my youthful looks, I’ll just keep my mouth shut about what’s happening on the inside!

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