‘Do as I say, not as I do’ during coronavirus spread

“We’re in this together” is the message from government officials… who often contradict each other during this whole coronavirus thing.

The talking heads at podiums tell us one thing but do another. They tell us to keep away from each other but they’re crowded together on a stage. They tell us not to touch our face but they do that as they stand on that crowded stage to give important updates.

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There’s mixed messaging depending if it comes from the prime minister’s cottage or the premier at the legislature. I understand that regions are suffering differently than one another. As the average Canadian, there are times when it’s confusing to know who to listen to and when.

So, he’s the prime minister, should I take his word? What about the renowned scientist addressing Manitoba and giving us different info? This is the place a lot of us are in.

American politicians are using government gyms that have been shut down… and they’re contracting the illness. The phrase, “Do as I say, not as I do” comes to mind. Yet these are the same people lecturing us that we’re irresponsible if we don’t follow the rules they’ve laid out. We’re pointed in so many directions, can you blame people for doing whatever the hell they want?

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As much of the world was put on lockdown, I had to venture out to get supplies. Few people were out and about but the overall vibe was that it was every man for himself – or “person” depending on how politically correct I have to be.

Walking around a mall for less than an hour, I witnessed people giving each other side glare if someone sniffled or sneezed or coughed. It was like somebody in the crowd had a bomb and you had to figure out who it was. Nobody was talking or making eye contact. Going into a store, instead of, “Welcome” I was greeted with, “Please stay at least six feet away from customers and staff.”

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There was a level of distrust – even disgust – amongst the handful of shoppers I passed. It was as if the mentality was that everybody had the disease and you couldn’t be near any of them for even a second.

Meantime, you’ve seen the store shelves picked clean. You’ve heard about people panic buying and not leaving anything for others. That means those greedy people are only looking out for their own well being and have no consideration for others.

So, that whole “we’re in this together” thing hasn’t been on full display. True, we’ve seen stories of people helping others but the vast majority of scenes I’ve witnessed are people only having regard for themselves.

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If I can’t trust people to leave me something to buy at the store, I can’t trust them to heed the warnings and stay home if they’re sick.

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