I am a water snob

When was the last time I drank tap water? That is a question I have been asking myself all day and the answer… well, I really don’t even know the answer.

Despite a new report from environmental watchdog Ecojustice, Manitoba’s drinking water scores a B-plus. When I first heard the news I was happy but then I thought about it and I haven’t had a sip of that stuff in a long time.

In my house I have a water cooler. I don’t eat out very much, so I haven’t had it in a restaurant. I carry my own water bottle most places I go. When I visit my parents I am handed a bottle of water bought from a store. I am truly the ultimate water snob.

Come to think of it, most people I know have some sort of filtration device – whether it is connected to the tap or in a jug in the fridge – almost everyone I know “does something” to their water before drinking it. Turns out I am not alone in my water snobbery.

My mom is totally against getting a water cooler, instead opting for cases of bottled water from stores. So, here we’ve taken snobbery one step further: a pickiness about the type of filtered/treated water. OK, maybe I’m not the one who is the worst.

My pickiness follows me everywhere. When I travel, it doesn’t matter which hotel I stay at or where I go, I have to have a bottle of water. Even when I am reassured by hotel staff or locals, nobody’s taps are good enough for me and I still need to have a bottle of water.

I laugh because there have been so many TV shows that tell us most bottled water is no different than what comes out of your home faucet but there is some comfort a sealed bottle of water gives me.

Maybe I’ll talk this out with a therapist.

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