Is it sports, charity, entertainment… or just embarrassment?

I kind of laugh but cringe at the same time when a trending news story’s headline is, “NYC Firefighters, Police in Vicious Brawl During Charity Hockey Match.”

For these are the heroes that were paraded and bowed down to after 9-11. And when I say “these” I mean people in the profession, not the specific players in this incident.

But the title speaks for itself: an all-out rumble on the ice at what was supposed to be a fun match for a good cause.

So for an occupation that is so highly regarded it does make you question the quality of person in the job.

I will be the first to admit that I wouldn’t have the guts to do either job – police or firefighter — but I can also say I have enough composure not to be a goon and beat somebody to a bloody pulp… during a game.

Oh yeah, did you notice the words “charity hockey match” in the above headline?

So all the YouTube videos showing the crowd going wild and kids screaming and booing the team they are against brings up a couple questions: Is hockey too violent? Not a new debate but until the fighting stops it will keep being the centre of attention. And the second question: Does this incident do anything negative to the reputation of those in the respective industries?

Not that I believe people will look at all firefighters as goons, but does it change your opinion of them being a hero based on how some of them acted at a public event where they were representing their profession. Oh yeah, did I mention it was a charity hockey match?

Would there be the same reaction if two, let’s say, Subway sandwich artists had a fist fight behind the counter? Probably not. Not that there is anything wrong with that job but those in the role aren’t honoured as frequently in social circles — at least none of the ones that I have been in.

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