More celebrity eulogies on Facebook

“Is it true Paul Walker died?” That’s the email I got from a radio listener inquiring about that, as an entertainment reporter, I should have been fully aware of the celebrity story.

Fortunately for the heartbroken Tara who asked the question, I actually did know the answer. But my first question when I heard the news myself was, “Who is he?” And stranger yet: I had to go on the radio 10 minutes later to report on the story.

The 40-year-old actor wasn’t widely known in many circles. The hunky star is from the Fast and the Furious franchise and, ironically, speed is believed to have been a factor in the fiery car crash that killed Walker and his friend.

But as is common with a celebrity death, people – and I hate to use the word “mourners” because it seemed like most were just jumping on the bandwagon – were putting “RIP” messages and glowing tributes to the actor many of whom had never heard of.

Not only can we rely on Facebook for weather updates (how many people posted the first snowfall pics of their Canadian town or city this year?) but you can also count on glowing celeb tributes, but finally someone in Ontario posted thoughts I agree with:

“Okay okay I get it another celebrity died,” wrote Donnie. “I’ll just say this, yes it’s sad- death is not an enjoyable emotion by any means but did anyone actually think about Paul Walker before yesterday? Did he ever win a major award for his artistic performance abilities in all the Fast and the Furious? Did he really do anything amazing besides Fast and the Furious? I could be wrong but this man is not an icon. He was a blonde hair, blue eyed good looking guy. So for that reason we all must share his loss in shock. I would love to see social media blast the web over the 92 year old women (sic) who lived a long happy life with little to no means and helped everyone around her, or the cashier that always had a smile on their face and said hello that died. My point is we worship people we don’t really know and idolize their lives but not the true hero’s (sic) of our world. Their (sic) just flippin celebrities, would you or I get that kinda treatments of headlines, social media buzz? Probably not. So before posting “OMG Paul Walker is dead” read the newspaper or something little more worth your time. End of Rant. oh ya Paul Walker is dead FYI if you didn’t know. Lol.”

Thank you, Donnie.

Until the next celebrity death, I’m entertainment reporter, Jeremy Bradley.

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