My continued rant about cellphones

I don’t go to concerts very often. Generally because they often start at the time I am already going to bed. Yes, that is me declaring I am old.

I had media access to Dixie Chicks in Winnipeg a few days ago. Coincidentally that night I had a meeting right around the corner from the MTS Centre so I stopped by the show after.

You might recall I wrote a column several weeks ago about people and their obnoxious cellphone habits. And my feelings were in full force at the concert.

Back in the day, the rules were strictly enforced that no type of photography or video equipment was allowed into a venue. Unfortunately these days with cellphones, they are sort of an all-in-one device and you couldn’t possibly enforce a “no cellphone” rule at a concert.

(Could you imagine if they ran something like a coat check but you have to leave your phone at the door? Just a side thought. Anyhow, let me get back to my point.)

Between everybody holding up their cellphones to snap pics and take video of all the action on the stage, people then hold up their phone and use the glowing device instead of a lighter, like you used to do back in the day for a romantic song or ballad.

It’s funny how technology — and “no smoking” rules — have changed how we enjoy a concert. No longer do you have a lighter inside, though when I went to a Bryan Adams show with my parents a few years ago my dad, a smoker, went all old school and held up his lighter.

While I walked through the audience during one part of the show I was also surprised by how many people were actually texting or using their phone (presumably to post things on social media) instead of actually paying attention to the show.

The show was great, yes. It was wonderful seeing the Dixie Chicks back together again. Maybe I was just grumpy that cellphones were once again distracting — and it wasn’t even my own phone — so I didn’t have a good time. Or, maybe I stayed up way past my bedtime.

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