Quit your coronavirus complaining

As week number… well, whatever week it is at this point, drags on, people are getting restless and it’s on full display on their social media pages.

At first, people seemed to enjoy the time off. A “paid vacation” commented one of my relatives. But as the days slowly pass, her tone has drastically changed. And she’s not alone. It sounds like people are going stir crazy.

Last week, I chatted with Dr. Phil for my radio shows and he talked about how the lockdown is affecting relationships. He’s concerned about how many marriages are headed for divorce and how many parents are freaking out about having to teach their kids.

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There’s a lot of woe-is-me posting happening and perhaps it’s attention seeking or it’s just a place to vent. Maybe it’s a little of both, seeing as those lines get blurred on social media.

In fact, it’s people who have social media, and smartphones, and wireless devices, and Wi-Fi, and Netflix, and jobs, and a home who are doing the complaining. This is all new to them. Let’s change that mindset for a bit.

With all your luxuries, your day is sooooooo boring. Boo-hoo. Think about the people who have far, far less than you. The ones that don’t have a regular paycheque, the ones that don’t have their own roof over their head, the ones that have no remote control to use for hours of distraction.

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They can’t scroll endlessly to read how obnoxious your kids are or how much of a slob your husband is or how stupid your dog is. They can’t order food delivery and then run to social media to bitch about how long it took to arrive.

What’s their luxury? Sifting through garbage and finding something to eat. Hitting the jackpot with a dry pair of socks to live in as they roam flooded sidewalks all day. Wondering why people are keeping distance from others because they can’t afford a phone, a newspaper, a TV to stay in the loop about a global health crisis. (Think about it: They have none of the resources to stayed informed about coronavirus. Do they even know what’s happening and that they could be at risk?)

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So, next time you log in and type out a paragraph-long rant about your terrible kids (that you have plenty of time to be raising properly), maybe backspace a bit and take a moment to rethink how trivial your complaint is compared to the challenges others are facing — pandemic or not.

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