The generations are changing traditions

I am almost always up for a good debate. I enjoy challenging people’s opinion on a subject. Over the years I have learned there are two topics in which you can rarely win if a person has a firm belief: religion and politics.

If you have been reading this column for any length of time you have probably noticed those topics are rarely, if ever, discussed. I have commented on general observations about voting and/or policy but never taken a side on an issue. The reason? I am not involved in either area to have a strong enough opinion.

I wondered if I was alone on this. In today’s world where it is hard to know when people have deep feelings towards something aside from what is blasted all over their Facebook or Twitter page, it made me think if these two topics are still hot-button issues as they once were. So I asked around.

While some people said they believe in God, none actually went to church or participated in religious activity. Is simply believing in God enough to make a person consider himself religious? In most cases, I was told yes.

My grandmother is at church every week and she has a darn good reason if she has to be absent. I asked her about the demographic and she said there are very few young people worshipping nowadays. (At least at the church, anyway. There’s probably an app for that or something.)

Is church a thing of the past? Is society too self-involved that church is seen as a waste of time in today’s busy world? Before you start writing me hate mail, I’m just putting the question out there after making societal observations.

Keeping with beliefs from my grandma’s era, marriage was very important – also closely linked to the church. Today’s youth has such a carefree attitude and view of “disposability” when it comes to relationships that the dream of a spectacular wedding day isn’t shared by youngsters.

When I was in high school I remember girls talking about getting married and already having picked out their wedding dress. Now, my 16-year-old cousin said his classmates just want to party and have sex. He said they want commitment but that’s often “just a status thing.”

It is interesting how some trends are passed down the generations and how some habits that were once so prevalent in society are gradually disappearing. Do we blame social media and technology? I don’t know.

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