A day is a day is a day… or is it?

So it was International Women’s Day last week. How did you, uh, is it celebrate? Recognize? Honour the event?

You see, it’s confusing these days since everything has a day. There is National Pancake Day, National Fudge Day, National Popcorn Day (and I cringe at capitalizing these non events as though they are something significant).

While many people declared their love of/for women last week you had the other handful of people kicking up the sarcasm and making, as the haters say, sexist jokes.

On Twitter, a Canadian was trending with a picture of himself wearing a shirt with “#Meninist” printed across the front. It garnered two responses: laughs or hate/threats.

Then there was the prime minister’s wife who posted a picture of her holding hands with Justin Trudeau and suggesting women recognize the day with a male ally. Naturally the feminists saw that as Sophie shining the spotlight on men on a day that should be for the fairer sex. (Wait, can I still use that term or is that offensive? I never know these days.)

The public, even politicians, read too much into Sophie’s post and ?attacked her. Sometimes I wish people put more energy into what they are passionate about instead of using that energy to lash out at people.

All these kinds of “events” dilute the? purpose of what the intent (I think) is supposed to be. If every day is a “thing” you get “thing’ed” out and they aren’t significant anymore.

I applaud people for getting involved and speaking up about their opinions and feelings but we have to remember that if others disagree with something that it doesn’t make them wrong. And if you believe someone is wrong, vocalize it in a mature way and you might be taken a little more seriously than being a hateful ranting lunatic in such a public platform. Remember, it’s not the loudest voice that is right.

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