He needs time off from his (partying) job

“The Situation” is in rehab. That sentence means nothing to you if you are out of touch with pop culture.

“The Situation” is Mike Sorrentino, a cast member on the reality show Jersey Shore. It is a program about eight overly tanned partiers who spend their summer at the beach and complain about having to work at a T-shirt shop for a few weeks to earn pocket change. (It has been reported the TV network pays each cast member $100,000 per episode – totaling over $1M per season — to drink, tan, have sex and fight.)

That’s right, drinking until the wee hours, sleeping until afternoon, being late for “work” and calling a cab for his one-night stand is just some of the hardships Sorrentino has to endure for his job. The pressures of his life have finally caught up to him and now there is a situation: rehab. The oddest thing is he is a god to today’s youth and college crowd. Is that saying something about him or today’s youth and college crowd? I’m not sure.

Because the show is so popular I have chatted with several of the castmates for my own radio programs. Sorrentino was said to be “out of the country” last week when we taped interviews.

On the surface the cast of eight seems like a bunch of goons. It is hard to take them seriously, especially when you’ve seen the drunken sexual escapades they proudly brag about on the show. During the season finale one guy’s mission was to sleep with two lesbians. He was a hero to many.

I will admit they are a funny group to talk to. Their personalities are humorous. But again, I just couldn’t get over the trashy stuff I knew about them when discussing their current projects and product lines. They all have endorsement deals and get paid lots of money for public appearances.

Do they play it up for the cameras? Of course they do. Everybody on reality shows does. Are they like that in real life? I can honestly say they are very respectful and seem quite business savvy.

So while people shake their head at the TV goons, the bottom line is they have the ultimate job but clearly haven’t been able to separate work and real life – though in the sense of reality TV, it’s a dangerous slope when partying is your job.

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