There’s disappointment Mueller didn’t confirm more dirty details?

Wednesday was another one of those days that, as a Canadian, had me in awe of how my neighbours to the south viewed their country. Well, more specifically their country’s administration.

It was Mueller Day. Mueller Testimony. Mueller Hearing. Mueller Time. All of those were trending as social media hashtags the day Robert Mueller appeared on Capitol Hill to speak about the “Mueller Report” with lawmakers.

Cable news programs had countdown clocks. Commentators were salivating that the scandalous details would surely bring down President Trump. The overall tone was that something good about something bad would happen on Wednesday and people couldn’t wait.

It was bizarre to me. It was essentially a country hoping its leader would be caught doing something wrong. The public was anticipating big news to come from the Mueller appearance and, I guess, celebrate that the president is a bad guy. (Is that really going to make things better?)

Worse yet, or so I think, is that there would be widespread disappointment if Mueller’s testimony didn’t reveal a bombshell. Yes, it would be like thinking there’s something good underneath the Christmas gift wrapping only to find out it’s a sweater. For most people, no major revelation was a letdown.

For me, I would hope there wasn’t a revelation and that there wasn’t incriminating evidence that my leader was up to no good. It would put me at ease if I heard directly from an investigator that everything was OK.

Granted, we know that not everything was OK from the findings of the Mueller probe. But to sit and wait with fingers crossed that there would be something more nefarious revealed does speak to the mentality of a large segment of the American population right now.

In the end, most people were devastated that little was revealed after nearly seven hours of Mueller testimony. There was a sense of defeat, though the cable news hosts did their best to spin the outcome of Mueller’s two sessions to make it seem like new information came to light.

Again, I’m Canadian and have no connection to American politics. (In a roundabout way, sure, every person in every country technically is affected by it.) I’m not a bitter Hillary supporter. I’m not anti-Trump or anything else the social media masses might hurl as an attempt to insult me. I don’t give two shits about what happens with him.

What I do care about is people being optimistic and hoping for the best in their country. I hope that people say, “Gosh, I wish this investigation shows nothing bad happened” instead of “I know something’s up — let’s get him!”

Then again, maybe that’s just my Canadian disposition not allowing me to be a negative Nelly when it comes to American politics.

What’s my advice? Come together as a community so you don’t have to endure four more years if the guy is so bad. (But I think we know what’s going to happen in the 2020 vote, right?)

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