What’s the worry?

Lots of people think they’re cool as a cucumber. Rarely do people want to admit to being a worrier. But a new poll found that most of us are worrywarts. Shocking, isn’t it? It doesn’t even matter who conducts a poll these days, there’s a statistic for everything.

While it seems most people fret about financial woes, it’s often the simple stuff that makes our blood pressure rise. And let’s admit it, half of the stuff we worry about isn’t even worth giving the time of day.

When I leave the house I wonder what would happen if a fire starts when I leave and the pets are trapped inside. I start thinking about what will go through their minds and if their survival instincts would kick in and they’d get the hell outta danger’s way. There’s absolutely nothing I can do while I’m away so why bother thinking about it and having it distract me?

The common concern these days is about finances. A lot of people get into the situation where they just get paid and by the end of the weekend they’re tapped out of cash for a week and a half. So for the next 12 painstakingly worrisome days they wonder how they’ll buy the groceries, make the minimum credit card payment – or worse yet handle an expected costly emergency.

It’s true we should have some sort of worry, but most of the time what we worry about is beyond our control. Short of getting another job or borrowing cash until next payday, there’s not much that can be done to drastically change the situation.

For as much as we tell ourselves not to think or worry about something, the fact we are pushing ourselves is only reminding us even more.

Not that I am suggesting ignoring such situations and pretending they don’t exist is the way to go, but looking for solutions – be it long-term or making a quick decision about something – can help ease the stress.

Enough second guessing, enough zoning out at your desk all day – focus on the task at hand and only worry when worse comes to worse – after you’ve determined it really is the worse.

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