What’s wrong with the Biebs?

A week doesn’t go by without us hearing some dramatic story about Justin Bieber. Sure, he’s always in the news because the world is obsessed with him, but lately the stories have been quite concerning.

As Bieber kicked off his latest concert tour in Arizona he was videotaped throwing up on stage during his show. He left the stage a couple times throughout the night, apologized to fans but continued on – all while the screams echoed through the arena.

But if it’s not his onstage antics, it’s his personal life that has been the subject of tabloid reports. Everything from his alleged attack on a tabloid photographer to his numerous traffic stops in what is described as a pimped-out car – and what mother isn’t proud when her angelic teenage son uses the term “pimped out” to describe his vehicle?

Nevertheless, Bieber can do no wrong in the eyes of many: daughters adore him, mothers think he is the sweetest thing. But are we seeing the darker side of the Biebs now that he is 18 and shedding his once-flowing locks and cutesy boy smile?

Bieber was videotaped telling off his fans while he impatiently waited for girlfriend Selena Gomez at the airport. Bieber looked thuggish while he sat on a railing with his hood up trying to ignore fans. Yes, people are entitled to their privacy, but are his true feelings about his life really coming out?

The fame, the money, the screaming girls: is Bieber getting sick of it? Already?

How many child stars have you heard about getting swept up with drugs and booze? It’s not uncommon. Why is it? There’s a few reasons, according to experts. One, is that there is a sense of entitlement because everybody caters to the young star so their diva-like demands get the better of them. Two, is that the pressures of living an adult life as a kid is too much for them to handle and they cave under the pressure.

When Bieber turned 18 earlier this year, many critics – including some former child stars – said they forecast a downward spiral for Canada’s famous singer. Do I hope they are right? Well, the selfish entertainment reporter side in me says yes, but the human in me says no.

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