You are probably a bigger celeb chaser

At Thanksgiving dinner I was called a celebrity chaser. Yes, it’s true. My family thinks I’m obsessed with the rich and famous. The funny part is a couple of my relatives are more tuned into celebs than I – and I get paid to track them.

It started out with my cousin mocking my job. She laughed that I watch TV and stand on red carpets for a living. (Not a bad gig if you actually think about it, however there is more to what I do than that.) But as she was trying to make fun of me she was constantly clutching her iPhone to check Twitter because she was getting updates about two celebrities she idolizes. My cousin is in her mid-30s and is a mother of two.

I don’t make a habit of chatting about celebs in my personal life because I have no interest in that world. The reason I started reporting on it is because of how ridiculous I think the whole lifestyle is. People assume that when you’re immersed in that culture you eat, breathe and sleep it. I can tell you it couldn’t be further from the truth with me.

Did I care what was happening in Hollywood over Thanksgiving weekend? No, I just wanted the damn turkey at our family get together.

People are shocked when they find out what I do for a living and bombard me with, “have you met so-and-so?” and “what’s so-and-so like?” In all honesty there have been times when I said I’d never met so-and-so but thought about it later, “oh yeah, I did interview him before.” It’s all a blur sometimes. It’s no different than someone working at McDonald’s: do they remember every single burger they have ever flipped? You finish one and move on.

The laughable point is that people who are actual fans of celebs and track them in their personal time with apps for Twitter and every possible social media stalking platform can’t admit to being a little star crazy.

I still go on the record as saying I have never downloaded an app to my phone, I don’t use Twitter and have never “followed” a celeb online.

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