Calm down, animals

Holy cripes, society loves violence. Excuse my language there.

While I was tempted to call them animals, those American rioters in Ferguson, I was briefly reminded that Vancouver suffered a similar blazing, tear gassy fate after a certain Stanley Cup final a couple years ago.

People trash things when they’re mad, they trash things when they’re happy. I don’t really understand why.

I’ve heard of someone being so mad they punch a hole in the wall. Or a kid throwing a tantrum breaking his or her own toys in a rage. But what is the point of that? You’re only punishing yourself.

As both countries celebrate Black Friday — though arguably it is more tame here — we once again see the news reports about the arguments and fist fights over bargains and cheap electronics.

As sad as it might be, some of my radio colleagues actually have a bet about how many Walmart deaths there will be this year thanks to a stampeding herd of shoppers. (In case you haven’t seen, it is typically Walmart that has the violent deal seekers. Check it out on YouTube because there is no shortage of videos.)

It is somewhat ironic that retailers have the sales and few other types of businesses recognize Black Friday. I would think that life insurance companies would make a killing (no pun intended) this time of year — or during hockey playoffs.

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