Clearly I’ve had a lot of time to kill

In the past month I have spent more time in airports and airplanes than I have in my own house. And while the trips I’ve taken have been very exciting, I absolutely hate the journey to get to my final destination.

Everyone says to think positively and things will work out in your favour. But sometimes you have to realize that no matter what you do or say, things are just out of your control.

So it seems fitting that there is always some sort of drama when I get to the airport. Either my flight is delayed, cancelled, or it misses its connection in another city – always something happens. In fact, my friends and family wait by their phones to get updates.

With airlines recommending you be at the airport hours before your flight that hasn’t been my experience because you end up sitting around waiting. It’s that point of the journey that is most maddening and I start to look around.

As I sit and wait I am annoyed by the wandering kid that won’t sit down or listen to his parents thinking the airport is a playground. I am irritated when I see the lovey dovey couple cuddling and tenderly embracing like they are never going to see each other again. Then there’s the opposite couple where one person is bitchy and totally has their partner wrapped around their finger running and getting them things.

Who can forget the tech nerd who is hunched in a corner charging all his devices so he can be entertained with video games the entire flight? What about the businessman in a suit who is loudly talking on his cellphone about the upcoming meeting like he’s some big shot we should all know?

Or once the plane lands most of the passengers stand up as though they are disembarking immediately? There’s still a few minutes, people, relax and sit down. How about when you are eager to get through the airport and people are staring up at the departures/arrivals screens and for some reason their bottom jaw stays down as their head goes up leaving their mouth open giving them a “duhhhh” look?

Sure, I might be talking about you in this column, but at least I have a sense of humour about it all – and I’ll be waiting for you to slap me if you see me at the airport!

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