So, how’s that new year treatin’ ya?

I’m surprised that many people couldn’t wait for 2020 to be over, seemingly expecting that 2021 would be much better — as if it were with the snap of a finger.

Truth is: Hasn’t the first 20 days been just as bad as much of 2020?

At least for Americans, they’ve seen the confirmed cases and number of deaths to coronavirus surging since the start of the year. Who can forget that infamous Jan. 6 drama in Washington, D.C. where rioting took over the Capitol and it led to deaths caused by domestic terrorism?

Elsewhere, it’s anybody’s guess what’ll happen on inauguration day as law enforcement agencies are on the lookout for unrest throughout Joe Biden’s first day as president.

What about in the Great White North? How are the Canucks doing? (Canucks in both senses, that is.)

I guess you could argue that things are looking up for Canadians now that hockey has returned. But even with the NHL hitting the ice, it led to depressing outcomes for kids who are (in some cases literally) crying that they’re not allowed to play the sport but overpaid athletes are. OK, so, we’ll call this one a tie for good and bad news.

Otherwise, some provinces are in the middle of their most aggressive shutdowns for coronavirus. Ontario was/is in an uproar about their new health order imposed last week that called for widespread closures. Quebec isn’t happy about their curfew and related shutdowns.

But, 2021 couldn’t come any sooner because the vaccine would be here! Celebrate! Rejoice! It’s a miracle! Oh wait, there’s a delay in the vaccine? What? There’s a shortage? No way. Come on. Who’d have seen that coming?!

While I applaud the optimism for getting out of that dumpster-fire-of-a-year 2020, shame on you for being fooled that by flipping a calendar that everything would magically be better.

My outlook is still the same: When a year is ending, I reflect on the great things that happened to me and how I grew and what I accomplished. I scroll through photos of the fun times and have some laughs. True, my dog died suddenly and my grandma died from coronavirus, but there were plenty of other moments I appreciated.

I never leave a year thinking it was a waste of 365 days — ’cause you never know what the next 365 have in store for you. You might appreciate the past 52 weeks.

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