How to feel un-Canadian during the Olympics

The Olympics is a time to bring together Canadians but my opinion this time of year always gets me singled out. I have a strong opinion that I thought was the most optimistic, however many Canucks don’t necessarily feel the same way.

Yesterday I was out for lunch with my brother and a couple friends. We started talking about who has been watching the Games and what they thought of Canada’s efforts.

Thinking I would win over the group by stating my neutral opinion I couldn’t have been more wrong.

My thoughts: Does it really matter how many golds and how many medals? The fact that these people are the best in the country and are representing us to the world is good enough, isn’t it?

Apparently the answer is no. Boy, did I get a verbal beat down.

Everything from “nobody goes there to come in second place” and “you don’t train to lose, you train to win” was thrown at me.

All along I thought I was giving the more positive and optimistic response because I know the athletes feel dejected when they don’t win. They might even come home feeling embarrassed they didn’t get a spot on the podium. That attitude “you didn’t win, you big loser” isn’t going to make them feel any better. But is that how we should respond to them to push them to do better next time?

It reminds me of the pushy hockey parent in the stands screaming at the kid on the ice and ripping him apart after the game and criticizing his efforts. Does it motivate him to correct his actions or secretly make him resent it and take the fun out of it?

Yes, the Olympics is a more serious competition than a child’s hockey game, but we should still be proud the Canadians are in London doing their best. Win or lose, they are doing something where most of us wouldn’t even stand a chance. Can we all agree on that?

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