What is the heart saying today?

There are so many ways to show your love. And by that, it could be for anything: a person, a pet, a food, a cause. On Valentine’s Day, people are consumed with showering their partner with affection but there is another passion that goes ignored on Feb. 14.

The passion to influence change is something that doesn’t need to have a date on a calendar, but with the world consumed by hearts and love today, it is a good reminder that you can also do something for those with whom you aren’t romantically linked.

Love is all around us but are we focusing our attention on the causes that are dear to our hearts today?

Last week there was a campaign called Thank You, Mom and it paid homage to mothers and encouraged people to, well, thank mom that day. Perhaps it was a campaign set up for commercial purposes, but then again isn’t Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.? The root of the day should come from the heart. Buying products and giving them to someone because it is expected is one thing, but make a difference with your money — and heart — this year.

With Valentine’s Day on a Friday — and a long weekend here — it gives you Monday to have a clear schedule and allot some time to give: give your heart, give your time, give your money.

Soup kitchens don’t close because it is a holiday. The hungry still need to eat. Volunteers are needed those days more than any. Help dish out some food and put a smile on someone’s face.

Dogs in a shelter still want to play. It doesn’t matter that you want to sleep in because you have the day off. They might be living in a concrete cage and just want some love. Spend an hour or two to make a tail wag.

There are so many ways to show love today that it shouldn’t be limited to an over-priced bouquet of roses or chocolates packaged in a heart-shaped box. All those things are so cliché that it hardly makes them special. But think about how warm your heart will feel when you can do something special just because.

You don’t need to mark your calendar one day per year to do something good for others. Do it when your heart tells you to.

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