Is he just crazy enough to win?

Many people thought having a businessman running city hall would be a good idea for Winnipeg. Now we know differently after the Sam Katz years. I don’t need to rehash everything but it was scandal after scandal after scandal. So what could possibly go wrong with having Donald Trump running the United States? Oh, a little bit of everything.

I’m not even going to get into his business dealings. Obviously Trump is a successful businessman, I won’t dispute that. But as a person he just, well, doesn’t know when to shut up.

Trump has always been known for speaking his mind and being controversial. It is one thing when it comes to the business world but in the politics game aren’t you hoping to get people to like you and agree with you? Isn’t that what wins the votes? I don’t think I have ever heard someone say, “Hey, this guy is a douche. He’s got my vote!”

But unlike many people on the campaign trail, Trump doesn’t seem to care what PR folks and advisors suggest he say. Trump will blurt out whatever he is thinking with the confidence that he is right and anybody who disagrees with him is wrong… and stupid.

It didn’t take long for stories to resurface about controversial moments Trump has had. Just this week a story was brought up of a 2011 court hearing where Trump called a woman “disgusting” because she wanted to use her breast pump to feed her baby. For his part, Trump’s lawyer said Trump was reacting to the idea of stopping a deposition so the woman could tend to the baby and not breastfeeding in general.

You’ll also recall Trump’s comments about Mexicans and immigrants that got him fired from NBC with TV networks and sponsors pulling out of the Miss USA pageant. I predicted that Trump would take a moment to comment about every one of those companies and he did just that. He lashed out, bashed and slammed them. Did it change anything? Not really.

Maybe Trump will win the election and we’ll all look back at this and say, “Hey, if that’s what the people want, have at ‘er.” But just because the majority agreed, doesn’t make them right. Though of course, we will hear that if you didn’t vote for Trump you are stupid and not appreciative of a democratic society or something.

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