It’s a great day to be Canadian

It has never been a better time to be a Canadian. Let’s be honest, the country might not be perfect but it’s pretty damn good.

I’m not usually someone who compares my life to others to make myself feel better but, you know, you kinda just have to do that these days.

If you’ve been reading my newspaper columns for any length of time you know that I comment a lot on American culture. Surprisingly, it hasn’t just been since Donald Trump has been the president. OK, maybe it’s increased a little since then but his administration has us Canucks — and even from his own Americans — shining in the spotlight. And going into Canada Day weekend and seeing coast-to-coast protests throughout the U.S. (again) of people outraged by the American president makes us feel that much better about the Great White North.

Canada has its share of problems, sure. Every country does. And as humble as we are, we do have our own quiet little “happy dance” when we hear about the latest American scandal.

I don’t have a gun in my house for protection because I think someone will invade. I don’t worry that my rights as a gay man will be taken away from me. I don’t worry I won’t be able to afford my next doctor visit. I don’t worry that if a friend falls in love with someone from another country that they will be forcefully removed just for being different.

Years ago I thought we were similar, us and those Americans. I figured because we are so close in proximity that we were virtually the same. Wrong!

It’s just a different way of life. I can’t explain what it is. I can’t pretend to act like I know how it all changed. Many people blame politics, many people blame violent movies and video games and some blame social media. Was it any of those though?

In a world where a president proclaims “America first” I think taking a page out of his book isn’t that bad. Maybe we’re just in a society where we have to say, “Fuck it, I have a good life here and I’m not worried about anyone else.”

But at the end of the day, that’s not very Canadian, is it? So, for as much as I say I’ll be an uncaring hard-ass, I just can’t bring myself to be like that. What I will do is wish everyone a Happy Canada Day! Yes, even the envious gun-toting Americans who probably wish to invade our southern border. (My, how the tables can turn.)


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