OK, corona: Come get me, let’s get this over with

As the numbers of coronavirus cases creep up and up and up throughout Manitoba and across Canada, and quite frankly, the world, I’m falling into a moment of wait. I’m almost becoming impatient.

I’m laying in wait. I’m waiting for it to get me. Don’t misunderstand, it’s not that I’m living in fear, it’s that I’ve come to terms with something I once heard a famed U.S. politician say: We’re all going to get it eventually. So, I’m ready for it to hit me.

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It’s interesting how the world shutdown when the pandemic started and people were, arguably, overly cautious about the spread. There were barely any cases in this province but the line was drawn and daily life had to come to a standstill. Almost immediately. Done. No more.

What’s bizarre is that it’s the widespread belief that we will not see major shutdowns as we did this spring. But… it’s getting worse, isn’t it?

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It’s as if governmental decision makers said, or continue to say, “We’re not shutting down again so we’ll just have to deal with it as it spreads.” Have they thrown in the towel and said there’s no way to eliminate it so we might as well just ride it out?

There’s confusion amongst people wondering if there’s a certain number of cases or threshold that will trigger a shutdown. I’ve talked with people in the restaurant industry, the medical world and in education and all of them say they aren’t aware of any.

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Do we need to hit triple-digit cases one day? Or see a 10-times increase five days in a row? What’s the math? What’s the equation to trigger any sort of move to stop the spread? Or, is there one?

For now, it seems the onus is on the people – us – and it’s about wearing masks. Though, leaving it up to the public to police themselves obviously isn’t working, despite many people heeding the warnings of wearing a face mask. It’s just not helping based on the sharp increases across the board.

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So, after all of this, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll eventually get corona. I realize it’s a deadly disease. I’m not one of the people who thinks I can easily beat it but it’s more a matter of timing.

It’s like when you want to have a cold or get sick a couple of weeks before Christmas so you’re not sick during the holidays. Let me get it out of the way so I can move on with my regular life. Of course, there’s no guarantee life will be normal after suffering with COVID-19 but I realize there’s things you just can’t control.

I won’t live in a bubble but I won’t live in fear.

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