Oh, how the tables turn… and the room spins

Do you ever have those moments when you can’t help but feeling like a gosh darn hypocrite? I’m guilty as charged after last weekend.

Most people have heard of MTV’s Jersey Shore. It’s a reality show about overly tanned, overly sexed, seemingly uneducated individuals partying and living together every summer. Anybody with morals and life goals generally doesn’t take the show very seriously, the critics say.

Several times per year the cast is featured on my syndicated radio shows and I can’t help but mock them and laugh about their drunken escapades filmed for the world to see. I try to shame them but they own it and are proud to say they embarrassed themselves on TV and in public.

And sure, they might be in their 20s and when I was that young I was doing some wild and crazy stuff but once I hit 30 I told myself I was mature and no longer reckless… then last weekend rolled around.

December is a busy time in radio because there’s Christmas giveaways and special programming so as a celebration of getting through another holiday season I dipped into the margarita slushes a little too early on our last day of taping. (A show is produced from Monday to Thursday, having Friday and Saturday as a weekend and then it is taped and completed on the Sunday.)

So when the host hits the booze a couple hours before the scheduled taping (and not having any food in his 30-year-old system), it can wind up being – as the Jersey Shore cast calls it – “meatball problems.” And when you drunk dial one of them before taping, it’s certainly not off limits when the interview eventually happens.

Yes, the tables were turned this time. This is only the second time in seven years our show has broken production schedule and had to be taped on a Monday because I was out of service. (The first time was also a booze-related incident in New York but I’m still trying to forget it, thankfully I don’t really remember much of it anyway.)

I’m not proud of my antics but I can at least take pride in knowing there is no video or pictures on the Internet and I will live it down… until the next time it happens, I guess.

Where am I going with this story? Have a safe, responsible and fun holiday season… and send me the links if your rowdiness ends up online!

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